Banglaore to Wayanad, Kerala Ride

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  1. Vijee

    14 years ago

    Mr.Praveen please improve ur health…. u r looking so weak….

  2. Sant

    14 years ago

    the photos r vry gd to look and excellent views too. tempts to go to those places and gd sceneray in gods own country.

  3. Rama

    14 years ago

    Thanks for updating.

    Wanted to know can we get an dometry as we are going around 18people. incase you have any idea on this please let me know.

    Thanks in Advance,
    Rama Prasad

  4. jessy

    14 years ago

    even my self last week been to wayanad bt missed sochipara falls thnx for updating…

  5. Roshan

    14 years ago

    We too have been Wayanad, it is a beautiful place. Would just like to comment on few places mentioned by the posters.
    Edkkal caves is a beautiful places but only people who are fit and with lot of stamina can climb up the steps to reach it.
    Do not miss socchi para water falls it is very beautiful. You have to get down some steps here but it is worth it.
    Skip Banasura sagar dam, it is not worth the deviation of 30 kms up and down.
    Over all Wayanad is a beautiful place.

  6. 14 years ago

    Roshan: YES. its beautiful place to spend time.

  7. 14 years ago

    The name Wayanad comes from ‘Vayal’ and ‘Nadu’ which means the land of paddy fields. It’s really rich in nature with all those rolling hills and tropical rainforests. Edakkal caves are great too.

  8. sheri

    14 years ago

    Appreciate if any one who had visted wynadu recently could post the condition of roads from Mysore to Kalpetta

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