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Thunder Dragon Motorcycle Ride – 14 days – Bangalore to Bhutan – Gangtok(SK)


Comments : 32

  1. 14 years ago

    nice trip log thnks got to know a lot of inf for bhutan might b i will plan 4 a solo trip

  2. JP

    14 years ago

    Looks like a great ride. Makes you dream to go on adventure.

    Life is too short to be wasted at working so hard and not putting enough to leisure.. too bad we also need money to fulfil our dreams.

  3. Saurabh

    14 years ago

    Awesome trip Udhaya…good to see you taking up new challenges everytime…go for MTV Roadies this year..you are a definite winner…Keep it up..!!!

  4. Kartik

    14 years ago

    Hey, Dude! awesome ride…experience must have been once in a lifetime one!

  5. 14 years ago

    Hi Udhaya,

    Thats quite an enduring mile munching ride you had there. Yet u managed to visit quite some places and the coverage is in pretty good detail. Liked the composition of the pictures.

  6. Anjan

    14 years ago

    This is called Adventure!!

  7. 14 years ago

    Dear Udaya, I salute you for doing this wonderful ride solo. I rode your entire log in one stretch. A real life experience it is.

  8. 14 years ago

    I goofed up the spelling because of the excitement.
    Dear Udaya, I salute you for doing this wonderful solo ride . I ‘read’ your entire log in one stretch. A once in a life experience it is.

    • 14 years ago

      Thats Good Subu !! Nice to see your comment, something useful form this ride log.

  9. Prabhakar

    14 years ago

    After looking at photographs and content, it is so exciting and visiting such nice places, it brings lots of relief, refresh in the regular life.

    • 14 years ago

      Prabhakar: Lets stop your project and Go now 🙂

  10. 14 years ago

    Udhay, that was a fantastic ride and kudos to you!!!! Loved the pictures too.


    • Gunal

      14 years ago

      where did you take rest first in this trip and also after that?

      I am just eager to know this. How many hours you continously drive on the road?

      Very Good. Daring to do this kind from south. How did you manage your food and bath?.

      • 14 years ago


        My first stop at Vijayavada(AP), Generally I will try to reach some town and find the hotel to stay.

        Continues ride – Its purly depends on ride plan, it means for target place in a day. First day I spend my morning 5.30 to 7.00 pm night on road. But if you reach sightseeing place, we wont ride much. We just hangout the place

  11. Sarath

    14 years ago

    Gr8 ride Udaya…. Beautiful blog

  12. 14 years ago

    WoW =A Dream ride for all I must say !


  13. Vinay

    14 years ago

    Hey Udaya,

    Awesome to hear this news and i appreciate your ture dedication and commitment towards your goal. Drive Safe and many more articles to read

    Cheers, Vinay

  14. Ameen Thaher Azeim

    14 years ago

    Hi Udaya,

    I am a friend of Arun Theeban, I learnt about your breath taking solo bike ride from Bangalore to Bhuton through him.

    Many kudos to you. This is something extra-ordinary that many can’t think off, forget about accomplishing. “YOU HAVE DONE IT”. Great, May GOD bless you with many more such laurels. Though money and time is required, your energy levels and perseverance skills are amazing.

    Keep it up! Hope, I am someday able to join you in such thrilling expeditions.

    A Thaher Azeim
    09885229975 / Hyderabad

  15. N.Lakshminarayanan

    14 years ago

    I am a friend of Arun Theeban. Kudos to you for taking this adventurous trip !!!

    Good luck for all such future trips.

    One suggestion: If this is accompanied by some social awareness message, it would also have been a trip for a good cause. you would have achieved both your personal wish and a very good cause as well . Just think about it for the next time.

    Whatever you have done is very great, that too just solo !!!

    • 14 years ago

      Lakshminarayanan: Your correct. Even i am planning for Charity ride with cause. But frankly speaking, we need more local people contact to make this happen. Let me plan 🙂

  16. Senthil

    14 years ago

    Nice trip report. Thanks for the details Uday.

  17. 14 years ago

    Brave Solo ride Dude,

    Amazing ride, Real Nice RR and pics. Thanks for sharin the same.

    I also have Butan on my list.


  18. 14 years ago

    Superb pictures mate, you have put in lots of information for the rest of us. Bhutan is due for a long time now, hopefully its gonna be soon-er!

    Cheers & ride safe!

  19. Ratish Mani

    14 years ago

    Respect dude ! Fantastic ride and super ride report ! What is precious is the experience ! Thanks for sharing with us 🙂

  20. Bhanu

    14 years ago

    Hi Uday, very inspiring…. i read this yesterday night and today morning i took my bullet out at 4 am and did bangalore outer ring road trip for 3 hrs :), i know its very exciting…..will join you next time and im ready to leave any project behind 🙂 cheers, bhanu

    • 14 years ago


      Thats great to see your interest 🙂 We will ride together. Thanks.

      Your riding at 4.00 AM 🙂 Ooooo man !! Take care.

      Udhaya Kumar.V Mobile:+91.98867.33607 http://www.indiasudar.org – Developing a Powerful India by Providing Education http://www.udhaya.com – My experience from my World “Own It & Do It”

  21. Jay

    14 years ago

    Hi Udaya,
    Everyone has dreams, but you have just executed it!! Salute…

  22. Dhritiman

    14 years ago

    Hey dude,hats off to u.You are too courageous and ur trip was just awesome. i too own a thunderbird and m also planning a trip of same kind from bangalore to durgapur(my native) in West Bengal. Hey tell me how did the bike behave all the way,any issues i mean.

    • Udhaya Kumar.V

      14 years ago

      Dhritiman: Thats Good !! Its easy to ride Bangalore to Kolkata. You will be on beautiful high way, so no worry. Except road in Orisa. High way under construction in Orisa for 200 km. It will make you slow. other then this. Just ride 🙂

  23. arun

    14 years ago

    very nice trip log, good snaps too… can i have ur mail id or contact number to get some more info as im planning for a ride there in nov…


  24. PETE

    14 years ago

    I am sat in my house in Northern England on a wet miserable day, one day after Christmas.Reading the account of your epic journey is great, it certainly leaves me wanting to get the bike out and set of on another trip.
    You have shown that with patience, determination, and a certain amount of luck most rides are possible it just takes guts and a single minded determination.
    It is very easy to sit reading and think “if only” We have all got a great ride in us but few have the bottle to get of there butts and make the move. It all starts with the first twist of the throttle.
    Its a great read and you have uplifted my day thanks.
    Tarmac down. Head up.

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