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Hi ….

I am UdhayaKumar Varadarajan from Chennai, India and working in IBM, Bangalore … I will update some of my travel experience in this blog :-). nothing much !! I do three things frequently on earth  1. Work as IT Architect in IBM India, Bangalore  2. Volunteer my time to India Sudar Charitable Trust as Managing Trustee 3. Travel to new place in my Bullet, Intention to ride and explore new places.

You can each me throuhg email udhaya@udhaya.com & mobile 91-98402-95650

 “Be Happy … Make others Happy … Make your life Valuable and Meaningful”

 – Udhayakumar Varadarajan

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  1. 17 years ago


  2. Vishnukant Singh

    17 years ago

    I want to know about Bike Race in Bangalore.

  3. 17 years ago

    i like the way you do tour all over the world.hope you dont mind.
    its from bhutan like to be yourr friend

  4. Aka

    17 years ago

    Your blogs are entertaining. You capture all the information required for one to complete a trip. Really it is a pleasure reading your blog and hats off to your enthusiasm and courage! Keep it up!

  5. Kishore

    17 years ago

    I really appreciate your constructive hobbies and sharing with others. Clear and detailed information on your blog for travel enthusiasts. The way you are managing the blog is worth emulating. You are inspiration to many people like me. Keep up the spirit.

    Go places. See the world in your way…All the best.

  6. saravanan

    17 years ago

    Thanks to sharing your http://www.udhaya.com – Motorcycle Travel Log !

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