Motor Bike Ride – Bangalore to BR Hills (Biligiri Rangana Hills) & K Gudi(Kyathadevara Gudi)


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  1. Rajesh Upadhyay

    14 years ago


    looking dashing in bikers jacket..Thunderbird rocks

  2. ujwal

    14 years ago

    can you tell us if we can take our own tents and stay in BR hills?
    r thr any restrictions?

  3. 14 years ago

    Its restricted forest. You cant stay in your tent. Its risky

  4. krishna

    14 years ago

    hey what r the costs over there to stay nd food and other stuff?????
    r they affordable??????

  5. Poonam Sharma

    14 years ago


    Can you please tell me where can I buy a nice biker’s jacket at a reasonable price in Bangalore? Thanks.

  6. hecter

    14 years ago

    Everybody have to visit Br hills and especially kgudi resort, it is just heaven.It is a bit expensive but worth it.

  7. Amith

    14 years ago

    Had been there last month. Its amazing. To stay u need to book at Jungle lodges, MG Road bangalore(the complex next to the old plaza theather) Cost is Rs. 3000 per head per day.
    Check in 12 pm
    check out the next day 11am.
    Includes lunch, dinner breakfast, safari, camera charges, trek in the morning or another safari. Worth staying for a day.

  8. Amith

    14 years ago

    Oh Rs. 3000 for a tented cottage and Rs.3500 for a log hut.

  9. ravikumar c h

    14 years ago

    any bus r thr frm banglore

  10. 14 years ago

    Yea this helped me lot to take on BR 🙂 …

    We had to do the coldest ride out of banglore since 117 years !!

    Found a good hotel on top of the Hills too… details are given in the link below :

  11. Srinivas S.R.

    14 years ago

    Is there facility for parking bikes ??

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