2Days Week end Motorcycle Ride to Kalhatty(Ooty), Tamil Nadu from Bangalore, Karnataka – Round trip 654KM

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  1. Rajarajan

    15 years ago

    Impressive!! I had two trips, one is from Bangalore to Ooty and other is from Bangalore to Kannur, traveled with Spl+ (hard to believe!!), but both of the trips I could not a find a single guy as companion!!(not because of the bike I use).

    I am really happy atleast somewhere there are people those are really making it together!! Happy biking!!


    15 years ago

    your vedio is nice how to became a bike rider

  3. 15 years ago

    Sridhar: Riding is your passion/interest/exploring new thing/etc. There is no specific path become a Rider. Its all your passion of doing thing. IF you want to be rider, First thing you have to ride based on your liking place 🙂

    I will suggest, you can join any of the Motorcycle Group, Where you can ride in the group and get experience from other riders. After that you can plan your own riding based on Time and Money availability.


      15 years ago

      Hi Udaya

      Nice to see your post.

      i’m one in your category. Riding is my passion.
      from the child hood, long rides were my all time favorite.
      During school days i use to go on my bicycle, later moped
      and after i started working i’m on bikes.

      I own a Roadking and 02 Suzuki Fiero.
      I’m very choosy with my bikes, so at the moment i’m with these
      3 bikes.

      I’m married, and my wife too navigtes me. Since we both are
      nature lovers our holidays and ridings are the perfect match.

      Would be happy to meet you people some time.

      Let me know which number i can reach you guys.
      My number is +91- 93795 70707


  4. chandru

    15 years ago

    Riding bullet is a wonderful experience that everyone would love to share. I would always love to Join U people for any trips.


  5. 15 years ago

    your always welcome. Join this group http://www.silver-bullets.org . Yes off course you can fine more bullet group !!

  6. Babu

    15 years ago

    Hey guys , good to know that u guys r hard core riders . This trip sounds amazing . Make sure that the safety gears r in place . This is very important . Recently i had visited a importer to check some riding gears . Beleive me the stuff over there is amazing & the pricing is very very good . make a note of the person name & contact details . His name is Surendra S Hegde & his mobile number is 98457 31119 . He’s got some amazing riding stuff like Riding Jackets with protect , Riding Pants , Riding boots , Riding Bag , Riding Shoes , Riding Pouch , Back Support , & lots of other riding products . He him self is a rider & ride’s a imported sports bike & seems that they all ride every sunday to Madur coffe day & r called as “RED LINERS” . So guys have fun & ride safely

  7. vignesh

    15 years ago

    hi guys nice knowing you all…. i too deadly mountain ride experience.. we covered 3200km this year.. now i’ve planned to start a bike touring club in tanjore….. tell your suggetion.. & udhaya doing great … all his movement is awesome.. best wishes….

  8. sherin miranda

    15 years ago

    Nice to know that there are so many passionate bulleteers….we have started a club…and looking for passionate people to join us and be one among us.
    Join us on facebook :- Wolfpack MC,bangalore

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