Bike trip to Muthathi(Around bangalore), Cauvery River, Karnataka, India


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  1. 15 years ago

    This picture is very nice and very very beautiful


    15 years ago

    you look sick, take some rest, pal

    • clickclick

      15 years ago

      It was so rude of you to comment on the looks of the poster. You seem to have a sick mind and you look like a disgusting person.

  3. satish

    15 years ago

    did you go alone?? hw will it be taking galfriend? mail me

  4. Arun

    15 years ago

    dude! can u help me find a bullet 馃槈 thanks

  5. hemanth

    15 years ago

    thanks man….
    very good information and very good photos…
    keep up the good work…
    good luck for next journery…

  6. ramana

    15 years ago

    We have been to muthathi with our friends.
    Actually we mis understood the spot as water falls from hill area.
    It is not of such.

    Kaveri water flow is there.

  7. sunil surana

    15 years ago

    Bullet baba going 2 or 4 person even to hell is boring always make a group of 15-20 people you will enjoy.gud you have posted nice photos


    15 years ago

    We also thought its avery good place..After getting into water within no time my brother drowned at that place.Its very high risky place.Never go there.Whirlpools are very common in that place .
    nearly 34 people died at that place . in 2008 .

  9. 15 years ago

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  10. 15 years ago

    Excellent place , only thing one should be a little careful is whirlpools and strong currents !!!

    Riding the last 20kms was seriously heaven 馃檪
    ^ our visit to this wonderful place !!

  11. 15 years ago

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  12. Zexannetafalo

    15 years ago

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